How can i gain weight on a low budget in 2023.

How can i gain weight on a low budget in 2023.

How can i gain weight on a low budget in 2023.
http://How can i gain weight on a low budget in 2023.

Keeping in mind all the people today I am making a budget diet plan for you who are stepping in bodybuilding industry this diet is for those who are beginner or want to do bodybuilding with part time job or are student For those who do not have much budget, cannot buy expensive instruments like protein, there cannot be a better plan to gain weight than this. Please pay attention and grow yourself in the field of bodybuilding.

So let’s move on to our first meal which we call breakfast.


1.milk (lukewarm) 1 glass
2.oats50 gm
3.almonds10 piss
4.honey10 gm
5.boiled egg (full) 2 piss
6.banana2 piss

In which carbohydrate protein and fat will be found, it will give you a complete mix of macro and micro nutrition, which will start your day well and oats which works as a slow digestive, it will help you to keep energetic throughout the day.


Here is our next meal which we take in between breakfast and lunch, it is easy to carry and you don’t need to do any cooking for this, we will take it for this meal.

1.roasted chana100 mg
2.unsalted peanutshandful

You have to eat both these things so that you will get fiber and protein. This is the middle of the day when you feel most hungry. I want you to choose a healthy option at that time.


Here is our third meal of the day, which we call lunch, because if you want to gain weight, then it becomes very important to have plenty of protein and carbs in this meal, keeping these things in mind, we have selected some options that you should take.

1.rice or, 200 gm
3.daal1 bowl
5.egg whites or, 6 piss
6.paneer100 gm


Now comes our fourth meal of the day Pre Walkout Meal this is very important for us because during exercise you will need a lot of energy the better you get the better your exercise will be I have to take this 2 hours before workout Mate it can be digested well and its nutrients provide you energy during your workout time for you have to take it.

1.brown bread4 slices
2.peanut butter32 gm


What we get after workout is called post workout meal. By the way you should drink whey protein after workout but because we are making budget diet plan they do not include protein if you want to take then you can take if not Even if you are able to take, then do not be disappointed at all, there is more confidence in the protein that you can take, in the post workout meal, you have to take protein and carbohydrate, the source of which is

1.egg whites6 – 8 piss
2.banana1 or,
3.boiled200 gm

It is very important to take it after workout, it should not be missed otherwise your workout will be of no use, you can take it within an hour after workout.


This is our last mail today, which you will take in the night, dinner will also be like your lunch to some extent, in this bill, we will need a lot of protein, fiber and carbohydrate. Cottage cheese contains casein protein which is a highly digestive protein which will help in your muscle recovery throughout the night.

1.rice200 gm
2.dall1 bowl
4.panner150 gm

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